Vegan & Gluten free options

Standard Feast

$10 per person
Menu Include :
Jasmine Rice
Mixed Vegetable Curry
Kofta balls and Tomato Chutney
Halava (Semolina fruit pudding)

Festival Feast

$16 per person
Menu Include :
Jasmine rice with peas
Mixed vegetable curry
Yellow split mung dal soup
(with tomato and fresh coriander)

Koftas with tomato chutney

Garden salad
Halava (Semolina fruit pudding)

Lemon and mint drink

Royal Feast

$24 per person

Menu Include :

. Pushpanna rice (Basmati rice with Fresh herbs, Caps, Corn and Cashew)

. Matar paneer curry (fresh curd/cheese with tomato and peas)

. Mixed seasonal vegetable curry in coconut milk sauce

. Pakoras and Chutney (Mixed vegetable fritters)

. Garden salad

. Halava & custard

. Lemon mint drink

Mini Savories

  • 10 x mini spinach & feta filo$20 ($2 each)
  • 10 x pakoras$10 ($1 each)
  • 10 x mini samosas$20 ($2 each)

Specials Salads

  • To Order “Specials Salads” the cost per salad is$3.50 per person


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