Standard Feast

($10 per person)

Menu Include :
* Jasmine Rice
*Mixed Vegetable Curry
*Kofta balls and Tomato Chutney
*Halava (Semolina fruit pudding)


Festival Feast

($16 per person)

Menu Include :
*Jasmine rice with peas
*Mixed vegetable curry
*Yellow split mung dal soup
(with tomato and fresh coriander)
*Koftas with tomato chutney
*Garden salad
*Halava (Semolina fruit pudding)
*Lemon and mint drink

Royal Feast

($24 per person)

Menu Include :
*Pushpanna rice (Basmati rice with Fresh herbs, Caps, Corn and Cashew)
*Matar paneer curry (fresh curd/cheese with tomato and peas)
*Mixed seasonal vegetable curry in coconut milk sauce
*Pakoras and Chutney (Mixed vegetable fritters)
*Garden salad
*Sweet Rice
*Lemon mint drink or mango lassi drink

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