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  1.  by  Bridget

    Hello, I absolutely love your food and am so grateful and happy that you have opened up a restaurant in George Street in Brisbane!

    I was wondering if you would consider opening up one of your restaurants in the city of Ipswich. It is a very popular location with a lot of new cafes opening up in the beautiful unique heritage city with a growing multi cultural, multi faith community which celebrates and enjoys the dynamic cultural differences and which the local city council promotes and supports. There are many beautiful locations within the city that can be utilised as there is also ongoing development in the local mall and the top of town which is attracting a lot of interest from other potential businesses. Ipswich does have a Ministry of Food Jamie Oliver running cooking classes and other restaurant cuisines are Indian, Persian, German, Mexican, Chinese, etc, but sadly no Vegetarian. There are no specific vegetarian restaurants in Ipswich at the moment and I think you would become very popular very quickly. Thank you for considering my request.

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